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Cow yard groving vehicls

Southern Non-slip and Cow Yard Grooving

With an increase demand for non slip surfaces and cow yard grooving the time had come to branch out, Southern Non-Slip was formed to operate independently from SCB. This new division streamline the turn around time for enquires, pricing, and to specialze in non-slip surfaces.

Southern Non-Slip have wide range of machinery that can complete a varity of anti-slip surfaces from grooving concrete to milling and scubbling of existing concrete.

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Milled surface

Image shows a tennis court surface that over time became greasy and slippery as a result of falling leaf matter from near by trees, the milled surface provides much needed grip.

Before and after

This image shows the existing concrete on the left hand side during the milling process shown on the right. The milling was carried out within an existing milking shed between milking. The surface when wet and covered in dairy wasted created a slip hazard and was milled to minimize the hazard.

Grooved surface

This picture shows a grooved surface, the grooves are 65mm x 65mm x 6mm deep and are typicaly carried out on external concrete around dairy sheds, cattle yards, holding pens, exit and entry lanes/races which are climbing or tappering away, this surface is the most common for areas that require deeper grooves for outstanding grip and water run off. Grooved surfaces are safer for people and machines


  • Elmininates skidding animals from splits and injuries.
  • Easy to clean, more sanitary than rough surfaces, improves water run off.
  • Can be done between milkings.
  • Floors are safer for people and machines.
  • Cows can walk on grooved area immediately.
  • Elimates the cost of using mats.
  • Permanent grooves, no need to redo every few years.
  • Cost effective - one or two cows saved usually pays for the job.
  • Grooving is a PERMANENT CURE, not a temporary "Band Aid " repair like roughing up.
  • Speeds up milking with cows happier to walk on grooved areas knowing they won't slip.
  • Cows back in paddock sooner, STAFF spend less time milking with better cow flow.
  • Low cost solution to provide skid and slip resistant surface's.

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