Southern Concrete & Builders can complete garage floors from start to finish, our skilled team of carpenters can prep the site, erect the framework and supply all reinforcing steel and other materials ready for concrete, or if you prefer Southern Concrete & Builders can supply, place and finish the concrete.

The dairy lane shown above provides excellent access for cattle to and from the dairy shed. SCB can finish the concrete surface to the client's requirements, finishes include but are not limited to, soft broom finish rolled textured finish, swirl pan finish. We understand that areas in and around the dairy shed need adequate grip to minimise losses and to provide grip for heavy vehicles, tractors and people.

Exposed Concrete is an effective way to wow visitors, this unique finish brings out the colour of the aggregate used in the cement, sealed or unsealed it is an excellent way to complement your new house.

Get rid of that unsightly gravel driveway, forget spraying or weeding, low maintenance and more time for the things you want to do. Concreting the driveway also adds value to the property and during the summer months can be used for entertaining visitors, and also provides a play area for the kids

The finishing touches on that new house, Vehicle access into the garage on sloped ground, SCB installed nova flow drainage to collect the water running off the drive and delivery it to the sump, the concrete planter on the bottom left was reinstated to the client's specifications. new concrete patios and terraces were placed at entry points, the drive was finished with a light broom to provide grip in the freezing months and patios finished with a decorative swirl finish