Southern Concretes Commercial Concrete Products

Southern Concrete and Builders have a wide range of concrete products and expertise ranging from residential and commercial work to the dairy and agriculture industry.

Product Range

Southern Concrete & Builders specialise in concrete construction from start to finish, this includes; excavating and earthworks, the supply of base fill, preparation of base fill, supply and installation of drainage and sumps, concrete formwork erection, supply and installation of steel reinforcing, polythene and other concrete fixtures, supply, placement and finishing of all concrete grades.

Our highly skilled staff of qualified builders, concrete placers and finishers, SCB has a combined 50 years of experience in the construction process and are dedicated to producing a high standard of workmanship for all concrete applications.

We would be more than happy to provide a free quote and advice for your concrete requirements, large and small so don't delay give us a call today on 03 215-6318


Effluent Solutions

Effluent Solutions
Effluent Holding Tank, designed to capture the solids from the feed pad, from this tank the liquid and solids are pumped to the press separator to extract the solids, the remaining liquid is diverted to the 90-day holding pond which can be seen in the background
Effluent Solutions
Weeping Wall during construction

Herd Home Shelters

 Winter Herd Homes     Herd Home construction is approximatly 6 to 8 weeks from start to finish depending on weather conditions, Southern Concrete and Builders have completed over 10 herd home in Southland region
 Winter Herd Homes    Passage lane between the heard homes
 Winter Herd Homes   Outter Lane
 Winter Herd Homes    Inside of heard home
 Winter Herd Homes    Inside of heard home
 Winter Herd Homes    Errection of timber poles for roof structure
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Dairy Sheds

Dairy Sheds    Dairy Shed Platforms, Southern Concrete & Builders specialize in concrete placement for Rotary Platforms
Dairy Sheds    Not only is the concrete finished to a high standard it is also certified for strength
 Dairy Sheds    Concrete is finished with a soft broom finish providing sufficient grip to keep your investment on there feet.
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Wintering Sheds

 Wintering Shed   This Wintering Barn was constructed in 2008 and was capable of housing approximately 400 cows.
 Wintering Shed   Bedding area prior to the installation of rubber matts.
 Wintering Shed
  Bedding area ready for galvanized pipe bales to be installed.
 Wintering Shed
  Concrete walls located down the bedding area provide access ways for stock to move from the outside lane to the inside lane for feeding
 Wintering Shed    There are two bedding areas, one to each side of the shed with the tractor/silage wagon passageway down the middle to feed out,
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Silage Storage Pads


 Silage Storage Pads
   Southern Concrete & Builders are your one stop shop for silage pads and silage bunker construction, show us were you want it and we will do the rest.
 Silage Storage Pads
   Silage pads and bunkers are constructed to the clients requirements
 Silage Storage Pads   Silage pad, walls are cast on site and are lifted at a latter date, walls are placed around the slab shown to create a bunker to store whole crop silage
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Silage Self Feeding Pads

Pictures to be uploaded in the near future, please call back to view these products

Concrete Dairy Lanes

 Concrete Lanes    Large dairy lane, ample access to drafting and exits yards, total area has nib walls and sumps to control effluent, with effluent piped to a large SCB stone trap
 Concrete Lanes    Dairy lanes can be finished to a varity of finish's, all finish are of a NON-slip texture
 Concrete Access Lanes    New concrete dairy lane connecting the milking shed to a newly constructed wintering shelter
 Concrete Access Lanes   Concrete exit lanes either side of underpass, 200 x 200mm Nibwalls to perimeter for effluent containment, concrete surface was finished with a grooved finish for the much needed grip (refer below)
 Concrete Access Lanes    A view from inside the underpass, again this veiw highlights the need for a grooved surface
    The grooves are 25mm apart and 5mm deep, the grooving is completed during the finishing stage of placing the concrete
    A newly constructed wintering barn, all concrete work completed by Southern Concrete & Builders, the area shown is between the wintering barn and the milking shed drafting yard
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Residential House Foundations

 House Foundations     Rib raft house floor ready for concrete
House foundation floor    Concrete placed and finish for a new residential dwelling, no placing project to big or to small
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Residential Driveways and Patios

     Impress your family and friends with a coloured and stamped outdoor entertaining area, a great way to finish that new house
     This is an excellent example of colour tones to match the brick cladding, this new residential dwelling really does have the WOW factor
 Swirl Finish
   Charcoal swirl finish, charcoal coloured concrete matching the doors and window frames
Residential Driveways and Patios   A great example of exposed aggregate, the colours of the stone work well with the colour steel roof. An excellent finish to a new homes
New patio/BBQ area, again show casing the exposed aggregate finish, works well with the timber decking and raised garden beds.
     A close up of the surface on the above patio slab, this concrete mix used predominantly darker stones with a limited number of orange and yellow stones
 Patio    New concrete landing
 Driveway up close    
Close up of the concrete exposing the colours of the stones used in the manufacturing of the concrete, this is an example of unsealed concrete
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Commercial Projects

     Looking for some thing different, this is the the new look concrete, Jasper exposed, a great looking concrete finish, second to non when it compares with other exposed finishes
     Building a new house ?
A few bricks left over from the build ?
break em up and throw them in the concrete, saves finding a home for them and its guaranteed to match the clading, a coat of concrete sealer after exposing the aggregate
 Exposed aggregate   Exposed Aggregate with timber trim
 Exposed aggregate    Exposed Aggregate path in Riverton
 Commercial Projects    Commercial floor, an old storage building given a new concrete floor, SCB completed the demo work, reprep for the new floor slab, placed and finish the concrete
 Commercial Projects    New access ramp for a concrete batching facility
 Commercial Projects    Concrete work completed for a new diesel tank,
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Coloured Stamped Concrete

Stamped Coloured Concrete    
 Stamped Coloured Concrete    
 Stamped Coloured Concrete    
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